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Jerry Gumpert
Marlboro Area

My business experience includes serving as president (and co-founder) of a startup of an optical coatings business. After 23 years, the company was sold to a large multi-national company.

I have been a mentor since 2010 and have provided advice to over 40 SCORE clients.  As a mentor, I welcome the opportunity to help  prospective entrepreneurs identify the risks and assumptions inherent in the go-no go decision.  I try to guide the client, who will likely be the prime investor in the business, and to challenges him or herself just the same as any outside investor would challenge a proposal.  This is not to be critical, but to insure that efforts and resources are properly focused.on creating a healthy and sustainable business.

I try to be non-judgmental and I try to encourage entrepreneurs to take a step-by-step approach to establishing and running their business.



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